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What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning allows the electrical student to study at home, at the office, or at any remote location. Your time is valuable, so if you cannot attend regularly scheduled instructor-based training, then Distance Learning is for you!

How does it work?

Students who enroll in Distance Learning are serious about their electrical training. They study on their own time by reviewing training DVD’s, Computer-Based Training topics, and the on-line Contren® Connect e-Book audio and video lectures. Students obtain use of a training computer that includes all of the training resources available for each Level of the electrical program. Most student start out in Level 1 and progress to Level 8. To see a demo on e-Book training, click here:

Is a blended program available?

Yes! Sometimes job requirements or life issues may prevent you from attending regularly scheduled instructor-based training. The Distance Learning option will give you the training resources needed to keep up with your assignments until you return to class. Some students find that by enrolling in both the instructor-based training and Distance Learning, they get the added benefit of 24/7 instruction.

What is the cost?

The cost for Distance Learning training is the same as the regular in-class instructor-based training. For those who choose the blended program, there will be an additional $40 fee. There is a computer security deposit of $300 that will be refunded upon return of the computer in its original condition.

How do I register?

Just click here to register for Distance Learning.

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